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Products List
  • Wire Drawing MachineWire drawing machine, also known wire drawing line, cable drawing machine or wire drawing equipment, is widely used in industrial
  • Cable Stranding MachineCable stranding machine is also called wire stranding machine, cable strander or wire strander. This stranding line is a stranding mechanical
  • Cabling MachineCabling machine is a kind of wire and cable manufacturing equipment used for various multi-core rubber cables, plastic power cables, XLPE cables (crosslinked cables), telephone
  • Wire Twisting Machine Wire twisting machine is also known as wire twister, cable twisting machine or cable twister. It adopts the latest wire twisting technology and is widely used in two-wheelers like scooters
  • Wire Extrusion MachineCable extrusion machine is mainly used for various cable segments, such as building wire, automobile wire, appliance wire telecommunication cable, etc. It is also applied
  • Cable Bunching MachineOur company is able to provide a wide variety of cable bunching machines (cable bunchers) for customers. It is often utilized for twisting more than seven strands of copper wires
  • Annealing MachineWe are offering a wide range of wire annealing machines. It helps to increase productivity and quality of products in various industries. It also saves manpower and increases profit to the manufacturers
  • Rigid Frame Stranding MachineRigid frame stranding machine, a kind of cage type stranding machine, is suitable for stranding aluminum, copper and aluminum alloy with long length and large cross section. The equipment features
  • Auto-Coiling MachineAuto-coiling machine, also known as automatic coiling machine, is a kind of wire coiling machine or cable coiling machine. It is a special equipment for automatically rolling and coiling wires and cables
  • Pay-off StandTake-up bobbin, also named as take-up reel, is a kind of cable reel manufactured by using superior quality mild steel. Our company is one of the prominent supplier and exporter of take-up bobbins
  • Take-up BobbinBuilding wire making machine is applied to produce BV, BVV, BVR, RV, nylon sheath and low smoke non-halogen environmental-friendly building wire. We have successfully cooperated with many major cable
  • Straightening and Cutting MachineWire straightening machine and wire cutting machine is to straighten and cut wires according to the desired length using PLC control system. It is of a robust modular design and is offered with a range of different
  • Auto-Wrapping MachineAuto-wrapping machine, also called automatic packaging machine, uses packing belts to package products, then tightens them and connects the both ends fused through the thermal effect. Its main function is to make plastic tapes closely against the surface of packaged

Auxiliary Cable Machines

Our company is capable of providing various auxiliary cable making machines (wire making machinery), mainly including wire drawing machine, cable stranding machine, cabling machine, wire twisting machine, wire extrusion machine, cable bunching machine, annealing machine, rigid frame stranding machine, auto-coiling machine, pay-off stand, take-up bobbin, straightening and cutting machine, cooling groove, auto-wrapping machine, etc.

Applications of Auxiliary Cable Making Machines
Our auxiliary wire making machinery is widely used in industrial applications, such as machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, wood products, wire and cable, metal products, galvanized iron wire, electrical wire, screw, nozzle, copper processing, construction wire and other industries.

Features of Auxiliary Cable Making Machines
1. Our auxiliary wire making machinery has compact structure with high-level automation. It is simple and convenient to operate.
2. Its unique design meets the process design requirements of cable engineers.
3. Cable making machine, working with automatic bunching machine, can at most manage about seven high-speed rope braiding machines once a time.
4. The auxiliary wire making machinery is of low energy consumption and power saving.
5. All of our electrical parts use the international qualified brand. It is also characterized by high working efficiency, smooth running and low noise.
6. Occupying small area, our cable making machines are easy for maintenance.

Payment, Package and Transportation
Payment and shipping are generally in accordance with international practice. The details depend on the contract negotiated by the two sides. We supply special equipment and professional packaging for wire making machinery.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of cable making machines in China, Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. also supplies twisting machine, wire drawing machine, wire stranding machine and wire cabling production line for sale. Our company provides excellent and timely service. During the warrant period, we provide free maintenance. Meanwhile, our technical engineers can provide customer companies with production skills and training service. With over five years’ production and service experience, we have exported our cable making machine or wire making machinery to Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc.

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  • ApplicationsCable making machine means the equipment needing the following process: drawing, annealing, stranding, twisting, insulating, lay-up, sheathing and armoring. There are mainly four production lines for cable manufacturing equipment or cable processing equipment