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Cable Stranding Machine

Cable Stranding Machine

Cable stranding machine is also called wire stranding machine, cable strander or wire strander. This stranding line is a stranding mechanical equipment for stranding various soft or hard conductor wires (such as copper wire, enameled wire, tinned wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.) and electronic wires (power line, headphone cable, telephone line, PVC wire, network cable, etc.). Our wire stranding machines or cable stranding lines can make a plurality of conductors twist into one bunch and meet the wire process requirements.

Classifications and Applications
According to stranding methods, cable stranding machine can be divided into single wire strander, pair twister, high-speed stranding machine and back-twisting machine.
1.Single wire strander includes vertical single wire stranding machine and cantilever type single cable stranding line. This machine is mainly used for pair stranding and multi-strand twisting of high-frequency cable (HDMI, DP, USB, CAT-7, etc.), electronic cable, data cable, core wire, and so on.
2.Pair twister is mainly applied for stranding high frequency data cables.
3.High-speed stranding machine can be classified into automatic tension high-speed wire stranding machine and manual tension high-speed cable stranding line. It is used for stranding computer cable, headphone cable, electronic wire, telephone cable, network cable, PVC wire, copper wire, etc.
4.Back-twisting machine is used for high-frequency digital cables. It overcomes the uneven reversing force while stranding, thus makes pitch accurate. This wire stranding machine also adopts dual combustion back-twist with good back-twisting effect and excellent performance.

1.We are able to provide a wide range of cable stranding lines for customers. Our products utilize high grade raw material and innovative techniques in strict compliance with the international quality norms and standards.
2.Our company is a leading exporter of wire stranding machines in China. Cable stranding machines made available by us are of high quality and easy to operate.
3.Owing to their notable attributes, such as high-end performance, trouble free functioning, durability and low maintenance, our cable stranding lines are high on demand in the national as well as international market.

Features of Cable Stranding Machine
1. Our wire stranding machines are of compact structure and pleasing appearance. It is designed by combining mechanical and electrical control.
2. The cable stranding line is with high-level automation and high technology. It is simple and convenient to operate.
3. The pitch realizes touch screen stepless digital setting and overcomes the defect that the mechanical rotation of fixed pitch can not be continuously adjusted. It also optimizes the process design of high-quality data cable pitch.
4. Our wire stranding machines are also durable with high performance and reliable operations.

Pre-sale Service for Cable Stranding Line
1. Customers can carry out spot investigation to know our factory strength.
2. Customers can also visit Nanjing Putian equipment production line. This production line has been well debugged by us and has been put into production continuously for five years. It can be used as a display base.

Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of wire stranding machines in China. Our products also include cable making machine, wire drawing machine, cabling machine, wire twisting machine, wire extrusion machine, cable bunching machine, annealing machine, etc. With advanced technological equipment, tremendous technical strength and reliable product quality, our cable stranders or cable stranding lines are well received by customers from Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, and so on. We are also very delighted to provide OEM service.

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