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Electronic Cable & Wire

Our company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing cable manufacturing equipment that can produce communication cable, telecommunications cable, automobile cable, telephone wire, varnished wire, copper wire, insulated core wire, building wire, power cable, and so on. Adopting the latest advanced technology, we can provide high-quality electric wire making machines with durable and high performance. Besides, this cable manufacturing equipment is easy and smooth to operate.

1. High output capacity will guarantee high frequency production.
2. In order to make the electric wire making machine run smooth, we strictly test each manufacturing process.
3. All of our electrical parts use the international qualified brand products.
4. Our company owns over five years’ production experience for cable manufacturing equipment. We can provide good experience for customers’ wire and cable making.
5. We guarantee all our electrical and mechanical parts for one year from the delivery date.

Working Process of Electric Wire Making Machine
Electronic cable manufacturing equipment can produce electronic cables as the following process:
1. Drawing
Bulk copper is formed into wire of various diameters by drawing it through a series of dies.
2. Annealing
Since the drawing process causes copper to become hard and brittle, it should be annealed.
3. Stranding
With this electric wire making machine, fine copper conductor wires are twisted into cords which will be used for making flexible wires and cables.
4. Twisting
For this cable manufacturing equipment, layers of wires are stranded together to make copper conductors.
5. Insulating
The copper conductors, whether they are single wires or multiple stranded wires, are covered by PVC for current insulation.
6. Lay-up
With this electric wire making machine, three or four of these PVC insulated copper conductors are assembled into power cables.
7. Sheathing
For this cable manufacturing equipment, complete cables are formed by sheathing twin-core or multiple-core PVC insulated copper conductors with PVC.
8. Armoring
Special purpose power cables must be surrounded with steel wires in order to increase the cable structure strength.

Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electric wire making machines in China. We also supply twisting machine, wire drawing machine, wire stranding machine, wire cabling machine, and so on. Adopting simple but efficient technological processing, our company is capable of designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing cable manufacturing equipment. With over five years’ production and service experience, our electric wire making machines are exported to Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc. They are highly appraised by our customers both home and abroad.

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