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Rigid Frame Stranding Machine

Rigid Frame Stranding Machine

Rigid frame stranding machine, a kind of cage type stranding machine, is suitable for stranding aluminum, copper and aluminum alloy with long length and large cross section. The equipment features high rigidity, high power and high speed. It consists of pay-off stand, stranding cage, wire mold base, traction device, take-up rack, drive system (transmission) and electronic control system. Rigid frame stranding machines are mainly used for stranding and compacting of circular sector or round conductors. We can also provide configurations for this cage type stranding machine in accordance with customers’ requirements.

Rigid frame stranding machine is mainly used to twist ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced), bare copper or aluminum conductor, and insulated strands. It is the ideal equipment to produce a variety of stranded wires without back-twist. This cage type stranding machine possesses high mechanical performance, complete auxiliary function, large capacity of bobbins and high production efficiency.

1. Rigid frame stranding machine adopts back-twist structure without wheels to support its shaft. This improves the smooth operation and reduces noise.
2. It adopts a constant tension pay-off device for each bobbin to ensure its quality.
3. This cage type stranding machine is of high mechanical strength, high reliability, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, compact structure and easy operation.
4. The rigid frame stranding machine is with a fast checker without contact on every bobbin.
5. It adopts electromagnetic adjustable-speed motor drive that realizes stepless speed regulation, smooth start, no impact when replacing spools and no damage to the machine.
6. Manufactured by using materials from domestic and abroad famous factories, this cage type stranding machine has long usage life.

Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a specialized exporter of rigid frame stranding machines in China. Our products also include wire drawing machine, cabling machine, wire twisting machine, wire extrusion machine, cable bunching machine, annealing machine, etc. With advanced technological equipment, tremendous technical strength and reliable product quality, our cage type stranding machines are well received by customers from Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc. We are also very delighted to provide OEM service for rigid frame stranding machine.

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