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Three-Step Technological Process

It achieves high quality data cable (network cable) production.

Step1: InsulatedSingleWireProduction
Step2: StrandingLineProduction
Step3: FinishedNetwork CableProduction

Optional Equipment
Step 1: SerialProductionLine
Copper wire drawing, annealing, preheating, extrusion, insulation, cooling, traction and automatic double disc take-up are once completed synchronously in serial production.

Step2: Stranding MachineProductionLine
1.Quadruple High-Speed Stranding Machine
2. Triple High-Speed Stranding Machine
3. Pre-Back-TwistStranding Machine

Step3: Cabling-Sheathing-Looping Line
Stranded wire cabling, longitudinal wrapping for shielding, extruded jacket, jacket cooling, wire drawing, wire tension and double disk coiling and winding are once completed synchronously in serial production.


  1. 1.ShortProcess

Compared to the conventional five-step network cable production line, our three-step technological process is shorter, saving two working processes.
2. Less Manpower
Saving two workflows, three-step process uses less manpower in the cable production process.
3. HighEfficiency
The three-step technological process realizes synchronous serial production.
1) It reducesthrumloss.
2) The whole cable production process reduces total power and saves electricity consumption.
3) Three-step technological process improves cable production speed and capacity, thus reduces production cost.
4) It improves thequalifiedrateofnetworkcableproduction.

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