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MJXD-GS/BS-200/650 Twist Bunching Machine

MJXD-GS/BS-200/650 double twist bunching machine is manufactured by our company through independent research and development. It is mainly applied for high-speed bunching of multi-strand single conductor wires. This high speed bunching machine adopts active tension control mode, making each single wire get constant and uniform tension when it is released. This cable buncher also uses independent traction to avoid wire slipping, jumping or bending problem. This double twist bunching machine has unique design that ensures bunching quality and adopts active tension pay-off guaranteeing the wire coarseness and tightness.

Features of Double Twist High Speed Bunching Machine
1. It is well appreciated for high production efficiency and stable operation. Its tension state can be initiatively adjusted and is quite constant.
2. This double twist bunching machine is equipped with disconnected alarm automatic stopping device. It also owns automatic parking meter function.
3. The high speed bunching machine is easy to operate.

MJXD-GS/BS-200/650 double twist bunching machine mainly composes of active pay-off rack group, noseplate rack, independent traction machine, tensioner, high friction polish rod traverse unit, active take-up rack, electrical control system, etc.

Specifications of MJXD-GS/BS-200/650 High Speed Bunching Machine

Item Parameters
Single Wire Specifications Φ0.10 mm to Φ0.45 mm
NO. of Bunching Wire 7-20
NO. of Pay-off Wire 1-40 (customizable)
Max. Bunching Speed of Double Twist Bunching Machine Max. 800(m/mil)
Take-up Disc Specifications Φ200-Φ650 mm
Note The above parameters are only for reference. All of them can be designed individually according to customers’ requirements.

Operation Attentions
Operations and attentions of this high speed bunching machine are described in detail in the operating manual. We also provide technology consultation.

Care and maintenance of double twist bunching machine is listed in detail in the operating manual. We also provide technological consultation.

Payment, Package and Transportation
Payment and shipping are generally in accordance with international practice. The details depend on the contract negotiated by the two sides. We supply special equipment and professional packaging for high speed bunching machines.

Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of double twist bunching machines in China. We also supply cable machine, twisting line, wire drawing line, wire stranding line, wire cabling production line, and so on. Adopting simple but efficient technological processing, our company is capable of designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing products. With over five years’ production and service experience, our high speed bunching machines are exported to Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc. They are highly appraised by our customers both home and abroad.
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