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Wire Cable Making Machinery

Wire Cable Making Machinery

We are one of the leading manufacturers of wire making machines in the wire and cable industry. It is often used for producing railway cables, control cables, wire ropes, HT cables, etc. The cable manufacturing machinery is also suitable for all applications including drawing, straightening, fabricating, forming and spring making. With advanced technological equipment, tremendous technical strength and reliable product quality, our wire making machines are highly appraised by our customers both home and abroad.

The cable manufacturing machinery is mainly applied on power cable sheathing machine or sheathing line. It is widely used in motor, electrical appliance, instrument, automobile, railway, construction, machine tool equipment, etc.

Advantages of Wire Making Machine
1. The cable manufacturing machinery enjoys the functions of human-machine dialogue, over-temperature protection for motor, and alarm for abnormal water pressure and fault display.
2. There is no intermediate pulley and guide wheel during the drawing process. It does not generate bending and torsion, and is convenient for threading.
3. The use of frequency technology makes our wire making machines able to meet a wide range of specific needs.
4. The cable manufacturing machinery is of high degree of automation. Quality of finished wire is much better.
5. There is no relative sliding between wire and capstan.

1. All electric appliances are imported to ensure high running stability and long life.
2. Our wire making machines are designed with high technology, ensuring high precision and high quality.
3. The cable manufacturing machinery is equipped with close inspection feedback control system.
4. With PLC logical control and RKC temperature control, it is characterized by high performance and low maintenance cost.

Specifications of Wire Making Machine

Max. Inlet Diameter 16 mm
Min. Outlet Diameter 0.7 mm
Capstan Diameter 350 mm to 1200 mm
Applications The cable manufacturing machinery is suitable for continuous drawing.
Materials High, medium or low carbon, alloy and stainless steel wire
Control PLC control and automatic
Others We could provide pay-off and take-up machine. We also provide pre-treatment machines (mechanical descaler, pickling, boron coating, etc.).

Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire making machines in China. We also supply twisting machine, wire drawing machine, wire stranding machine, wire cabling production line, and so on. Adopting simple but efficient technological processing, our company is capable of designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing cable manufacturing machinery. With over five years’ production and service experience, our wire making machines are exported to Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc.

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