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MJXD-DJ/915 Single Twisting Cabling Machine

MJXD-DJ/915 single twist machine is mainly composed of multi-disc active pay-off stand, noseplate, vertical wrapping rack, wrapping machine, positioning wheel, Φ915mm to Φ1250 mm cabling host machine, electrical control system and other components. This cabling machinery adopts PLC human-computer interface that can display the working process clearly. The single twist machine is easy and convenient to operate, featuring stable performance and high efficiency.

Our single twist cabling machinery is mainly used for stranding and cabling of high frequency signal cables, multiple pairs of communications cables, small cross-section control cables, small cross-section special cables, digital communications cables, etc.

Advantages of MJXD-DJ/915 Single Twist Machine
1.This cabling machinery has been developed by our company for decades of years. It is well received for its mature technology and reasonable structure design.  
2.It has stable electrical control tension and runs smooth.
3.Our single twist machines are of easy and convenient operation and big storage capacity.
4.This cabling machinery is one of our mature and hot-selling products with excellent technology and manufacturing level.

Technical Parameters of MJXD-DJ/915 Single Twist Machine

Item Parameters
Production Speed ≥ 160 m/min
Max. Rotating Speed of Twisted Bow 800 rpm
Tension 5N-20N
Stranding Pitch of Single Twist Machine 30 mm-300 mm
Pitch Stranding Direction Left or right
Max. Cabling Diameter 15 mm
Pay-off Disc Dimension PN 500
Take-up Disc Specification Φ915mm
Color of Single Twisting Cabling Machinery Customizable
Production Line Arrangement Direction Customizable
Note The above equipment parameters are just for reference. We also customize special single twist machines according to customers’ requirements.

Operation Attentions
Operations and attentions of this single twist cabling machinery are described in detail in the operating manual. We also provide technology consulting.

Care and maintenance of MJXD-DJ/915 single twist machine is described in detail in the operating manual. We also provide technological consultation.

Payment, Package and Transportation
Payment and shipping are generally in accordance with international practice. The details depend on the contract negotiated by the two sides. We supply special equipment and professional packaging for single twist cabling machinery.

Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of single twist machines in China. Our products also include cable machine, twisting line, wire drawing line, wire stranding line, and so on. With advanced technological equipment, tremendous technical strength and reliable product quality, our cabling machinery is well received by customers from Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc. We are also very delighted to provide OEM service of single twist machines.

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