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  • LJD/500 Wire Drawing Isolation Line
  • LJD/500 Wire Drawing Isolation LineMJXD-LJD/500 single wire drawing line mainly consists of wire drawing machine, diameter measuring instrument, extruder, cooling tank and take-up disc. This cable insulation machine is used for continuous production of insulated single core wires for high-quality digital communication cables, network

Wire Drawing Line

Wire drawing line, also known as wire drawing machine, is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in industrial applications. It can carry out a metalworking process used to reduce the cross-section of a wire by pulling the wire through a single or series of drawing dies. This wire drawing equipment is extensively used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical engineering, plastics, wood products, wire and cable industries, etc.

Advantages of Our Wire Drawing Line
1.Our wire drawing machines can realize one-time drawing, annealing, preheating and extrusion continuously. It features high production speed and good core wire performance.
2.It adopts high-precision on-line laser diameter measuring instrument that can measure diameter accurately and also control the glue amount of extruding machine. This wire drawing line owns good synchronization performance and high sensitivity. It can accurately control the core wire diameter.
3.Our wire drawing machines use fully automatic double disc to take up cables reliably and accurately. We can change discs in high speed. The success rate of changing disc reaches over 99%.
4.This wire drawing line adopts PLC online whole-process control with excellent synchronization performance.
5.The cable take-up tension can be initiatively adjusted so that the tension is constant and reliable.
6.This wire drawing machine is easy to operate with low noise and high efficiency.

Applications of Wire Drawing Line
It is ideal equipment for drawing all kinds of high, medium and low carbon, copper and aluminum wires. This wire drawing equipment is widely used in nail manufacturing, wire, cable, wire rope, spring and other industries.

Operation Attentions
Operations and attentions of this wire drawing machine are described in detail in the operating manual. We also provide technology consultation.

Care and maintenance of this wire drawing line is listed in detail in the operating manual.

Payment, Package and Transportation
Payment and shipping are generally in accordance with international practice. The details depend on the contract negotiated by the two sides. We supply special equipment and professional packaging for wire drawing machines.

Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of wire drawing lines in China. Our products also include twisting machine, wire stranding machine, wire extrusion machine, cable bunching machine, annealing machine, and so on. With advanced technological equipment, tremendous technical strength and reliable product quality, our wire drawing machines are well received by customers from Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc. We are also very delighted to provide OEM service for wire drawing lines.

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