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Wire Drawing Machine

Wire Drawing Machine

Wire drawing machine, also known wire drawing line, cable drawing machine or wire drawing equipment, is widely used in industrial applications. It is applied for machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, wood products, wire and cable, metal products, galvanized iron wire, electrical wire, screw, nozzle, copper processing, construction wire and other industries. We offerwire drawing machines in accordance with both domestic and international market demands. Our company is also capable of providing special customized wire drawing equipment.

1.Based on absorbing advanced foreign technology, our company also focuses on humanized design. This ensures good quality of our products.
2.With over five years’ production experience, our wire drawing machines are manufactured with high quality and excellent service.

Working Principle
Wire drawing equipment is made up of drawing part and coiling part. The drawing part consists of drawing wheel, mold fixed rack and mold. Wire passes through the mold and rolls around on the drawing wheel. When the drawing wheel and coiling wheel are running, the coil wheel provides traction tension for wires. With the use of the traction tension, wire goes through the wire drawing machine’s drawing wheel and makes it pass through the drawing mold, further makes the wire coarse to fine continuously, at last gets wires with different specifications.

Classifications of Wire Drawing Equipment
1. According to its use, it can be classified into metal wire drawing line (special equipment for pre-processing of standard parts and other metal products), plastic cable drawing machine (used in plastic products industry) and wire drawing machine (special equipment used in wood products industry for production of chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue sticks, etc.).
2. According to its structure, wire drawing equipment can be divided into seven types including LT water tank type wire drawing line, LW pulley cable drawing machine, LS double drum cable drawing line, LH looping type drawing machine, LZ linear drawing machine, LD single wire drawing machine, horizontal drawing machine and headstand cable drawing equipment.

Repair and Maintenance of Wire Drawing Equipment
This equipment should be completely checked and maintained once a month. (In case it has not worked for four hours.)
2. Maintenance
1) Daily Maintenance of Wire Drawing Machine
a. Keep the wire drawing equipment externally clean and check the gas pipeline and quick connector are good or not.
b. Lubricate the upper and lower bearing and lifting screw (grease gun refueling).
c. Exhaust hydrops in the air filter.
d. Check the wire drawing machine’s belt and make balance adjustment.
2) Daily Maintenance of Wire Drawing Equipment
a. Remove the fatlute left by daily maintenance. On the basis of daily maintenance requirements, conduct lubrication and maintenance.
b. Check the conveyor belt and ensure its tensioning degree. (If it is too loose, please adjust it to be moderate).
c. Check the wire drawing machine’s abrasive belt and ensure its tensioning degree. (If it is too loose, please adjust it to be moderate).

Established in 2008, Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire drawing equipment in China. Our products also cover cable stranding machine, cabling machine, wire twisting machine, wire extrusion machine, cable bunching machine, annealing machine, twisting machine, etc. We possesse a professional and technical research team that can research and develop products independently based on our own patented technology. Our wire drawing machines have been exported to Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc.

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