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Cable Making Machine

Cable Making Machine

Cable making machine is often applied for insulating, coating and stripping single or two layer wire and cable with extruding PVC, XLPE and LDPE compound materials. It is also well suited for making power cable, building wire, communication cable, and so on. The cable manufacturing equipment is basically made up of pay-off stand, tension device, auto loader and dryer, extruder, moveable trough, double layer cooling trough, capstan, accumulator, spark tester, meter counter, take-up machine, control box, etc. Our cable making machines are quite appreciated for stable operation, low noise and fine craftsmanship. In addition to cable manufacturing equipment, according to the three-step technological process, we mainly provide wire drawing machine, pair-twisted wire stranding machine and wire cabling machine.

Features of Cable Manufacturing Equipment
1. During production, when single wire twists in zero, this cable making machine will reduce the physical injury of insulated conductor in twisting process.
2. It is researched and developed independently by our company, featuring shorter process, lower energy consumption and higher efficiency.
3. The cable manufacturing equipment is the best choice for high-quality network cables.
4. Our cable making machines use high-accuracy on-line laser diameter measuring instrument that can measure diameter precisely and can accurately control the core diameter.

Main Parts
The cable manufacturing equipment mainly includes core laying machine, wire stranding machine (wire twisting machine or conductor twisting machine), stranding armoring machine, band marking machine (dot marking machine), caterpillar machine, armoring cum core laying machine and fork type wire stranding machine.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of cable making machines in China, Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. mainly supplies twisting machine, wire drawing machine, wire stranding machine and wire cabling production line for sale. Our company provides excellent and timely service for cable manufacturing equipment. During the warrant period, we provide free maintenance. Meanwhile, our technical engineers can provide customer companies with production skills and training service. With over five years’ production and service experience, our cable making machines are exported to Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc.

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