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Products List
  • MJXD-3JX/500 Three Pitches Twisted-Pair Stranding Machine
  • MJXD-3JX/500 Three Pitches Twisted-Pair Stranding MachineMJXD-3JD/500 three-pitch high speed wire stranding machine is referred to triple stranding machine. It is made up of single disc active pay-off rack (pay-off stand), single pitch zero back-twist pair twister, traction meter device, double-pitch pair twister, electrical control system and other components. This wire stranding machine is mainly used for production of stranding
  • MJXD-4JX/500 Four Pitches Twisted-Pair Stranding Machine
  • MJXD-4JX/500 Four Pitches Twisted-Pair Stranding MachineMJXD-4JX/500 high-speed four pitches cable strander is referred to quadruple or fourfold stranding machine. It is composed of active pay-off back-twist pair twister, traction meter device, active take-up pair twister, electrical control system, and so on. This wire strander is typically used for production of stranding lines in 5E/6/7 high-quality LAN data cable. Our company is a specialized manufacturer of high-quality network cables

Wire Stranding Line

Wire stranding line, also called wire stranding machine or wire strander, is used to produce stranding lines in 5E/6/7 high-quality LAN data cables. Our company is a professional manufacturer of high-quality network cables and data cables in China. We can provide stranding equipment with uniform and stable stranding pitch. Our company also autonomously and independently develops high-speed four-pitch stranding technology. This makes the efficiency of our wire stranding machines or wire stranders is twice as that of common stranding machines and greatly saves energy and time, and greatly reduces labor costs.

Wire stranding line is well received not only for its leading technology, advanced electronic control and intellectualization, but also for stable and reliable performance, high efficiency, energy saving, time saving and less energy consumption.

Features of Wire Stranding Machine
1. Our wire stranders realize automatic tension control and can adjust the take-up tension without stopping the machine.
2. We use engine oil to lubricate the host machine. The natural circulation cooling effectively extends the service life of spindle bearings.
3. The wire stranding machine is equipped with three squeezing device to ensure the roundness after the conductor is stranded and reduce insulating material loss.
4. Our wire stranders adopt synchronous belt drive. There is no lubrication point inside. Keep the machine clean and the stranding line with no dirt thus it is suitable for stranding various wires requiring higher surface cleanliness.
5. We only need to replace one leading wheel to adjust the stranding pitch. Just pull the reversing lever to adjust the stranding direction.  The wire stranding machine is easy to operate, which reduces failure rate and work intensity. The bearing type flat cable and spacing can be adjusted. Equipped with electromagnetic brake, this wire strander can achieve internal and external automatic brakes and alarm.

Subclass Products
1. Three-Pitch Wire Stranding Machine
This device can adjust high-quality data cables. The single wire’s natural back-twist state is adjustable in the range of 0 to 99%. This allows twisted pair cable free from injury in the stranding process, so that the wire gets better electrical performance.
2. High-Speed Four-Pitch Wire Strander
The pitch realizes touch screen stepless digital setting, overcomes the defect that the mechanical rotation of fixed pitch can not be continuously adjusted, and optimizes the process design of high-quality data cable pitch. The optimization and compact design of this wire stranding machine reduces occupying area. It is also featured with low noise, low energy consumption and high production efficiency.

When customers choose appropriate equipment, we should make sure that the wire strander is of stable operation, low noise and fine craftsmanship.

Care and maintenance of this wire stranding machine is described in detail in the operating manual. We also provide technological consultation.

Payment, Package and Transportation
Payment and shipping are generally in accordance with international practice. The details depend on the contract negotiated by the two sides. We supply special equipment and professional packaging for wire stranders.

Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development of electromechanical equipment in China. We are capable of producing cable machine, twisting machine, wire drawing line, wire stranding machine and wire cabling production line for sale. Located in the northern suburb of Chengdu City, nearby the world-famous project-Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mount Qingcheng, our company enjoys convenient transportation advantage. We mainly export our wire stranders to Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc.

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