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Wire and Cable Production Line

Wire and Cable Production Line

Wire production line or cable production line is a series of equipment used for digital communication cable, network cable, data cable and other wires and cables. According to the three-step technological process, we mainly provide wire drawing machine, pair-twisted wire stranding machine and wire cabling machine. Our wire production lines are well received for stable operation, low noise and fine craftsmanship. With these features, our cable production line is the most ideal choice for enterprises to produce high-quality wires and cables.

1. The wire production line runs stably and efficiently with low disorder and easy maintenance.
2. All electrical accessories are all originally imported.
3. There is a large range of wire diameters from the cable production line.
4. With a professional technical team of first-class rich experience and well-trained technicians, our wire production lines are extensively used in communications and automotive industry.

1. Price Advantage
We provide the highest cost-performance high-quality cable production line in China. Our company is not only able to manufacture sets of high-quality data cables (network cables), but also capable of providing high quality cable production process.
2. Service for Wire Production Line
1) Pre-sale Service
a. Customers can carry out spot investigation to know our factory strength.
b. Customers can also visit Nanjing Putian equipment production line. This cable production line has been well debugged by us and has been put into production continuously for five years. It can be used as a display base.
2) In-sale Service for Wire Production Line
a. There are no wear parts. We use special equipment to package cable machinery and provide reliable transportation.
b. Production period is usually three to four months after the deposit is credited into our account, not including the shipping time.
c. We provide cable production lines according to customers’ needs and enforce the contract signed by both sides.
3) After-sale Service for Wire Production Line
a. After debugging, we deliver cable machinery to customers for use. We provide one-year warranty period. During the warranty period, we supply free maintenance for equipment failure.
b. Our company provides long-term maintenance service and can configure different wear parts.
4) OEM Service
We are also very delighted to provide OEM service for cable production line.

Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development of wire production lines in China. We are also capable of producing twisting machine, wire drawing machine, wire stranding machine, extrusion machine, wire cabling production line, and so on. Located in the northern suburb of Chengdu City, nearby the world-famous project-Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mount Qingcheng, our company enjoys convenient transportation advantage. We mainly export our cable production lines or wire production lines to Russian, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Iran, etc.

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