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LJD/500 Wire Drawing Isolation Line

LJD/500 Wire Drawing Isolation Line

MJXD-LJD/500 single wire drawing line mainly consists of wire drawing machine, diameter measuring instrument, extruder, cooling tank and take-up disc. This cable insulation machine is used for continuous production of insulated single core wires for high-quality digital communication cables, network cables and data cables.

1.LJD/500 single wire drawing line can realize one-time drawing, annealing, preheating and extrusion continuously. It possesses high production speed and good core wire performance.
2.This cable insulation machine adopts high-precision on-line laser diameter measuring instrument that can measure diameter precisely and also control the quantity of glue from extruder. This wire drawing line owns good synchronization performance and high sensitivity. It can accurately control the core wire diameter.
3.The insulated single wire drawing line uses fully automatic double disc to take up cables reliably and accurately. We can change discs in high speed. The success rate of changing disc reaches over 99%.
4.This cable insulation machine adopts PLC online whole-process control with good synchronization performance and stable performance.
5.The cable take-up tension can be initiatively adjusted so that the tension is constant and reliable.
6.This single wire drawing line is easy to operate with low noise and high efficiency.

1. The entire cable insulation machine is made ​​with overall optimal adjustment and transformation based on the original old technology. The overall technological level is in the domestic leading position in the cable industry.
2. Drawing-annealing-preheating all-in-one machine optimizes the composite structure, reduces the volume, enhances the appearance, reduces the area, facilitates the operation and improves the work efficiency. It also optimizes the transmission structure of this single wire drawing line. We adopt all-belt drive, avoiding slip jumping wire phenomenon in the drawing process and improving the stability and reliability of equipment operation.
3. Self-circulation cooling system of this cable insulation machine ensures the temperature stability requirements for plastic insulating layer during the cooling shrinkage process. Thus it ensures the plasticized quality and effect of the plastic insulation layer.
4. Double-disc take-up, automatically changing disc and automatic disc take-up room optimize the single-wire tension adjuster so that the tension of the single wire drawing line can be adjusted freely. We also transform the flutter line structure and enhance the reliability and stability of changing disc. Double top disc device adopts our self-developed large three-claw with high friction and high jacking force. Whenever the disc is empty or full disc, it rotates at high speed without shaking and beating. There is also a new top plate mechanical structure device that is to declare the patent.

Components of This Cable Insulation Machine
MJXD-LJD/500 single wire drawing line mainly composes of Φ3mm-Φ2.5mm copper wire release rack, copper filter, Φ250 drawing-annealing-preheating all-in-one machine, one-way diameter measuring instrument, Φ65/25 extruder, masterbatch pusher, automatic feeding insulated material dryer, Φ30/25 color bar extruder, warm water tank, cold water tank, circulating water cooling system, water capacitance detector, towing tank, eccentric detector (optional item), two-way diameter measuring instrument, spark tester, electrical automatic control system, etc.

Operation Attentions
Operations and attentions of this cable insulation machine are described in detail in the operating manual. We also provide technology consultation.

Care and maintenance of this single wire drawing line is described in detail in the operating manual. Our company also provides technology consultation.

Technical Specifications of LJD/500 Single Serial Cable Insulation Machine 

Item Parameters
Designed Line Speed Max. 1500 m/mil
Producing Line Speed 1000-1200 m/mil
Recommended Line Speed 800-1000 m/mil
Single Wire Insulation Concentricity ≥ 95%
Single Conductor Ovality of Single Wire Drawing Line ≥ 97%
Take-up Specification(mm) PN500 (Customizable)
Direction of Wire Outgoing Customizable
Color of Wire Customizable
Total Power of Equipment(KW) 120

Payment, Package and Transportation
Payment and shipping are generally in accordance with international practice. The details depend on the contract negotiated by the two sides. We supply special equipment and professional packaging for this single wire drawing line.

As a leading supplier and exporter of cable insulation machines in China, Dujiangyan Minjiang Brothers Electromechanic Equipment CO., Ltd. also provides twisting machine, wire drawing machine, stranding machine, coiling machine, auto-wrapping machine and straightening machine for sale. With a professional technical team of first-class rich experience and well-trained technicians, our single wire drawing lines are extensively used in communications and automotive industry. Meanwhile, our cable insulation machines have received a number of favorable comments from customers both home and abroad.

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